March 9, 2014 - Lent 1

The Gathering of the Community
Summary of the Law                                           Page 1
Hymn 175: Forty Days & Forty Nights
The Collect of the Day

The Proclamation of the Word
First Readings: Genesis 2:15-17; 3:1-7
Psalm 32
Second Reading: Romans 5:12-19
Choir Anthem: Jesus Christ the Apple Tree
The Gospel: Matthew 4:1-11
Affirmation of Faith    Page 2

The Prayers
The Prayers of the People    Page 2
Confession and Absolution    Page 4
The Peace
Announcements and Transitions
Hymn-at-the-offertory: I Have Decided to Follow Jesus

The Celebration of the Eucharist
The Prayer over the Gifts
Eucharistic Prayer A    Page 5
The Lord’s Prayer (said)    Page 7
The Breaking of the Bread
The Communion
Anthem: Lamb of God
- 179: Tree of Life & Awesome Mystery (v 1 & 6)
- He is Faithful

Scattering (Mark 4:20)
Hymn 74: For the Bread Which We Have Broken
Prayer after Communion    Page 8
Hymn 306: O For a Thousand Tongues

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