January 26, 2014

The Gathering of the Community
The Apostolic Greeting                                        Pg. 185
Hymn 393: Immortal, Invisible (or Stand in the Congregation)
The Collect of the Day

The Proclamation of the Word
First Readings: Isaiah 9:1-4
Psalm 27:1, 5-13
Second Reading: 1 Corinthians 1:10-18
Hymn 601: God, Whose Giving Knows No Ending
The Gospel: Matthew 4:12-23
The Apostles’ Creed    Pg 189

The Prayers
The Prayers of the People
Confession and Absolution     Pg 191
The Peace

The Celebration of the Holy Eucharist
Hymn (offertory) 460: Shine, Jesus Shine
Prayer over the Gifts
Eucharistic Prayer
The Lord’s Prayer
The Breaking of the Bread
Lamb of God
- Here I Am Lord
- 59: Jesus Calls Us Here to Meet Him
- 61: As We Gather at Your Table
The Scattering (Mark 4:20)
Hymn 82: Hallelujah! We Sing Your Praises
Prayer after Communion
The doxology
Hymn 430: Will You Come and Follow Me