August 19,2012

The Gathering of the Community
The Apostles’ Greeting                                        Pg. 185
Hymn 381:  Praise My Soul the King of Heaven (v 1-4, 7)
The Collect of the Day
The Proclamation of the Word
First Reading: 1 Kings 2:10-12, 3:3-14
Psalm 111
Second Reading:  Ephesians 5:15-20
Hymn 416:  All Things Bright and Beautiful
Gospel: John 6:51-58
The Apostles’ Creed
The Prayers
The Prayers of the People
The Confession and Absolution
The Peace
Announcements & the Happy Birthday Song

The Celebration of the Holy Eucharist
Hymn (offertory:  Forever
Prayer over the Gifts
Eucharistic Prayer
The Lord’s Prayer
The Breaking of the Bread
Lamb of God
- 312:  Sing a New Song Unto the Lord
-  63:  Eat this Bread
The Scattering (Mark 4:20)
Hymn 368:  He Came Down
Prayer after Communion
The doxology
Hymn 384:  Praise to the Lord the Almighty